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5 Things I've Learnt Since Moving Out

Buying the weekly food shop, doing the washing, choosing your own dinners and paying those bills... yep, you've moved out.

Moving out can seem scary, especially if you are doing it alone. I moved out of my parents house last year and moved in with my boyfriend Joe. I'm very lucky, as me and Joe obviously split a lot down the middle (chores, food, decorating etc) so it hasn't been too overwhelming!

Whether you are moving in with someone or not, I feel like a lot of us go through the same experiences. I thought I would share with you some things i've learnt since moving out.

It's nearly been a year since I left my parents and it's safe to say, i've had a few life lessons!

Budgeting Is A Great Idea (As Daunting As It Seems)

OK, so Joe may have been the one that really taught me this lesson, but if I hadn't have moved out, I don't think it would have actually happened.

When you move out, you obviously have a lot of bills to pay for, as well as having mo…

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