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Things To Do On A Sunday To Set You Up For A Good Week

Ah, Sundays... you either love them or you hate them. Lately, I have definitely been trying to love them.

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed when it comes to Sunday evening as we are thinking of the week ahead and all the jobs we have to do. I've been there, and I understand.

That's why I wanted to keep up my self-improvement series and give you some tips on how to set yourself up for a good week :)

Sunday's don't have to be stressful, and you can get things in order so that Monday doesn't seem so....well, Monday.
Get All Of Your Chores Done I thought I would start off with the most boring (but effective) tip. If you can get all your mundane chores done on Sunday, i.e. the washing up, cleaning the kitchen or washing your clothes, it can really help when it comes to waking up on Monday.
You don't really want to wake up on Monday morning with a pile of washing up left from the night before, so just get it done. Try and tell yourself that it's only going to tak…

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