A Fresh Start!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog, here you will most likely find lifestyle posts, as well as food and beauty/fashion posts. I love looking at other people's blogs about their lifestyle in general and always find it interesting to get a glimpse of everyone's world. So I thought, why not do the same? :)

I've decided that this year i definitely want to travel more and experience new things. I used to limit myself a lot and be scared to try a lot of things. I'm hoping that starting this blog will help my journey and also help others to do the same. I'm not saying I'm going to travel the world or jump out of a plane (although - you never know!), but i do know that i'm going to enjoy life and share my experiences with others. 

Besides lifestyle posts, there is no doubt i will blog about food - another thing i need to explore in! I used to be extremely fussy, (when i was a child i once ordered a banana split but 'without the banana', and my poor nan used to peel the 'skin' off of grapes before i would eat them - can you even call it the skin?!). But hey, i'm 21 and its time to get a grip.

So, i hope you enjoy my blog and please add me to your circle as i would love to get to know fellow bloggers and have a look into your life too.

To end this blog, i will ask you a question and if you're reading this please leave a comment below so we can start a discussion together :)

What is one thing you have achieved this year already that you are proud of or didn't think you would achieve?

Thanks guys! Keep an eye out for my posts and have a fab day!