Makeup Revolution Review (AMAZING DUPES)

Hello lovely people! How are you all? I hope you're doing well! So, i wanted to do a review on some makeup products i purchased recently and have been LOVING. The brand is Makeup Revolution and their products are very affordable and incredible quality. I was in Superdrug a couple of weeks back and purchased the Ultra Contour Palette, and i was blown away by it. Not only is it incredibly pigmented and looks amazing on your skin, but it was an incredible £8!!! Also, it has 8 different shades, not just 1 bronze shade, 1 highlight and 1 blush. You can see in the pictures below but the brightest highlight is my absolute favourite and i don't think i will go back to any different highlighters! You literally only need the lightest touch and it will glow on your cheek bones and looks lovely and bright in the light. £8 is such a good deal, and you would think for the quality of it they would be more expensive - which only adds to the positives of this brand!!!! Take a look for yourself! :)

These shades are all beautiful, especially the blushes and highlights. 2 of the bronzers are a bit too dark for me, but in the summer that may change! All shades are so pigmented too, so you don't need too much product on your brush! (As seen below - 2 swipes of the white highlight!)

The next purchase was an eyeshadow palette - its called Iconic 3 (PERFECT Urban Decay Naked 3 dupe). This was such a steal at only £4! Can you believe it?! Again, the shades are the same colours as Urban Decay, and the eyeshadows are so pigmented, they are beautiful. At the bottom, there is a selfie of me where i have the eye makeup so you can see (of course there is a selfie!). The palettes all look beautiful and i will definitely be purchasing more. If you want to buy this - click the link here:

(2 of the light shades - still so pigmented!)

I hope you enjoyed this post! And let me know if you have any amazing dupes/bargains that you love? Leave a comment. Have a wonderful rest of your week.

Jessica xo