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So today i am writing about what motivates me and helps me to workout. I am taking part in Race For Life next month in aid of Cancer Research, which i am very excited about, it also means i have been running - a lot.

The word running used to terrify me, i was never any good at it. Or so i thought! Anyway, this year i have been training (with the help of my lovely boyfriend Joe, who always runs with me when he can), and i now usually run 5K/6K. I am super proud of myself and thought that i would share with you what helps me stay motivated and also what workout clothes i usually wear! Let me know what keeps you motivated and also your workout playlist, i love to know what others listen to! :)

Music - I can't run or workout when i'm on my own without music. It just helps me zone out and forget about how far i have left or if i'm feeling a little tired (don't over do it though!). I always listen to a rocky/heavy beat playlist as this keeps me pumped up and ready to challenge myself! These are a few songs in my current running playlist - let me know some of yours in the comments!

Out Of The Black - Royal Blood
Figure It Out - Royal Blood (LOVE running to these guys)
Phresh Out The Runway - Rihanna
Faded - Zhu
212 - Azealia Banks
All Day - Kanye
How Deep Is Your Love - Calvin Harris

Not pushing myself too hard - If i push myself too hard and struggle, i sometimes feel unmotivated, like i haven't done enough. To stay motivated, do what you can. It doesn't matter if thats a walk round the block, a 3k run or a marathon! If i set a target and reach it and know i can carry on - i will, but only as much as i feel comfortable. There is no point pushing yourself only to feel rubbish and not do as well because you have over worked yourself. Which leads me on to my last point...

Don't compare yourself to others - This works with most things, but when i started running i would constantly ask what my friends would run, if they said 4k i would feel like i needed to be doing that even though i was not nearly ready for it. People have their own speeds, limits and boundaries. Comparing yourself only hinders your performance as you might put yourself down if you aren't as good as your colleague, or best friend, whoever. This helped me when Joe ran with me, as he helped me build up my pace and i didn't feel like i had to run as fast as he could or a distance that was beyond me. (Shoutout to Joe - thank you!). I am running the Race For Life with 2 of my friends and colleagues, we are all different, they may be faster than me or able to do more, or they may not. It doesn't matter - its all good fun. YOU do what YOU can and HAVE FUN doing it.

Enough chat, here are my workout clothes and the shops they are from! I usually wear my h&m running top (as seen below) but it was too hot and i decided to wear a (old) baggy top.

Running leggings - NEW LOOK 
These are the most comfortable running leggings i have worn, and they are affordable too, at only £13.49 (SALE) 

Trainers - Not going to list these as i am not wearing the right running shoes! I am shortly going to buy a proper pair of running shoes and will list them when i get them!
Jacket - LA GEAR

This is the closest top i could find from the one i own, it looks exactly the same - only bright pink!  Only £14.99

What motivates you? Whats your favourite place to get gym wear? Leave a comment below! Have a lovely day :)

Jessica xo


  1. I really need to get back into fitness so this blog post has inspired me a lot. I definitely agree you need a good playlist to keep you going! I love Faded Zhu also!

    (p.s I have started a new blog series featuring peoples inspirational stories the first one is up now and its such an interesting lovely read)

  2. Aw, i'm glad it's inspired you! :) Yeah, it really keeps me motivated otherwise i would be very bored! haha. Yeah, its such good song to run to!

    I'll have a look today! Thank you for the lovely comment :)

    Jessica xo


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