Budgeting Your Spending And Ebay Shopping!

Hello! So i can't believe how long it has been since i have posted on here. Life really does make it hard to keep being able to blog and i give major props to those that blog reguarly. I'm ill at the moment and just stuck at home so i thought what better way to spend my time stuck in bed!

I very recently came to accept that i spend too much. I spend too much on clothes, makeup, things i WANT and not things i need. I think everyone has this realisation at some point or another. I always complained at how fast my bank account would rapidly decline in money. What was i spending it on? I've hardly shopped this month....right?

Wrong, Jessica... very wrong. I looked over all my statements over the past few months and its so easier to not realise that a couple of days here and there, going into town with your friends or whoever can result in me spending £50 when i didn't even plan on buying anything. It all adds up. With the help of my parents and lovely boyfriend i decided to make a budget list and when it comes to shopping, limit my spending. This has actually proved quite easy this month (i don't want to jinx this though). Here is a list of things i have done this month to help with still being able to buy the odd outfit, make up or just general treats for yourself. I also go on to talk about a good old friend everyone should keep checking up on..... EBAY.

1. Do you NEED it? - This is a difficult one. Do i need that beautiful dress even though i just got one last week? Probably not, do i want it? Yes. What i have told myself this month is to limit how many items i get; if i have recently got a dress and especially if i haven't worn the piece of clothing yet, i don't need to go out looking for another this month. But, maybe you need a jacket or you feel like you don't have enough crop tops.... you spot one quite cheap and it won't break the bank? Treat yourself.

2. SALE SALE SALE - I used to hate going through sale rails in shops, an endless mess of mixed up items of clothing, people shoving you out the way (not all the time, but its a tough place out there), and trying to find something you like and it not appearing right in front of you. BUT, persist. This month the sale has been my best friend, i can guarentee if you look hard enough you will find something, i found a beautiful silk skirt in a sale at a local boutique which was £50 down to £10!!!!!

(This dress was from a boutique too - meant to be £40 and i got it for £15, its so lovely, i love the lace detail!)

3. CHARITY SHOPS ARE YOUR FRIEND - If you are like me, i always think charity shops will be a chore to look through and i would always leave empty handed. But most charity shops now put clothes in size order like ordinary shops. This makes it so much easier. There are a lot of great pieces that someone maybe wore once and didn't like or even didn't wear at all!! I got this lovely pencil skirt posted below for £3. Amazing!

4. Create a budget and TRY not to go over it - If you start to see the numbers going down, it almost feels like a challenge or game for yourself and i actually find it fun trying to find things cheaper and saving more money. You're only helping yourself in the end, whats not to like?! Obviously if you do, don't beat yourself up about it - we are human after all.

5. EBAY EBAY EBAY - So turns out, you can actually buy great second hand (or practically new) items of clothing for a fraction of the price and save money? AMAZING. Ebay is not for everyone, and i understand that. But when you finally scroll through and find a steal, its worth it. I've got a Topshop MA1 bomber jacket and it is perfect. For £15, whats not to love? My boyfriend has also had a look on there and got a few bits for himself too. Its a great alternative to spending a lot of money on things that you can find similar (if not exactly the same!) on Ebay. 

What do you do to save money? Have you found any great steals at Charity Shops or on Ebay? Let us know in the comments below!!!!