My Makeup Must Haves!

Hello everyone! So i thought i would do a post today on my must haves for makeup, things that i buy again and again and what i think is great for the money. I have realised looking back that over half of the products are by Rimmel! This isn't a sponsored post, it's my honest opinion. Rimmel are definitely doing something right in my book! :) Anyway, lets take a look!

(From left to right: Revolution Ultra Contour Palette, Rimmel's Scandaleyes Mascara, Real Techniques Contour and Buffing Brush, Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation, Rimmel's Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner, and Rimmel's Moisture Renew 510 Lipstick)

Firstly, i have been using this foundation for as long as i can remember to be honest. At least 3 years now. I'm the shade before the lightest (curse my english rose skin!!), and it's honestly the best liquid foundation for my skin. I have very dry skin and normally don't get on with liquid foundations. However i find if i apply this (especially with a beauty blender) after cleaning my face, my face does not cake up or dry out at all. It makes me look like i have dewy skin without looking oily and it does make me look refreshed too. I really recommend this foundation, especially if you are worried about liquid foundation like i am, or if you have dry skin. My sister also uses this and we both buy it in bulk haha. Also, it's only £8.99!!! Such a great buy!

I had always wanted these Real Technique brushes but for some reason never used them until i got them in a set with a few others for a present. I don't think i will be using any other brushes again (never say never but hey), they are just so lovely. I love the contour brush as it is the perfect size and easy to apply my bronzer/highlighter. The buffing brush is also super soft and applies my powder on evenly and beautifully. They have never frayed or lost any hairs and are still incredibly soft. Very happy!
You can buy these at superdrug/boots and any other retailer that sells high street makeup!

I've already raved about this palette on my blog, so i will keep this sweet and simple. The highlighter in this set (top right) is THE best highlighter i have ever used. These are all so pigmented and look beautiful on my skin tone, and the darker colours will suit other skin tones too. They are so worth the money, this was £8!!!! If you are new to contouring also, this is a perfect palette to start with.

I used to use this all the time last year, and then when i finished, i tried other brands but i found myself going back to this lovely mascara last month. It applies evenly and doesn't make my lashes look clumpy or spider like. It really creates volume to my lashes and i don't ever want to wear falsies when i wear this. Its cheap too! Only £6.99

This eyeliner is one that i buy everytime i run out, i've gone through about 5 of these. As you can see above, the pen is so thin which makes it super easy to draw your wing with a steady hand! You can determine how much goes on the pen and do whats easiest for you. Its my favourite eye liner as it lasts for ages and is so easy to use! Only £~5.29!

Lastly, i love a classic red lip look! I have very dry lips, and sometimes, no matter how much i look after them and use lip balm, some lipsticks just don't agree with me! I can only wear moisturing lip sticks. Rimmel's Moisture Renew lip sticks are my absolute favourites! I'm not lying when i say that i currently have 10 different shades in my hand bag!!! I love this shade (510 Mayfair Lady), it just completes my makeup and i love the classic red shade. Also, it goes on so smooth, lasts for ages and is (like it says) very moisturising! It's only £6.49!

I hope you enjoyed looking into my Make up favourites! I'd love to hear what yours are, leave a comment and we can all discuss our make up must haves! :) Thanks for reading. Have a lovely weekend. Also, here is my everyday classic red lip-winged eye liner look! :) Bye guys! xx