My Makeup/Beauty Favourites Right Now

Hello everyone!
I thought I would have a quick chat about my favourite products at the moment. This obviously isn't all of them (I've been LOVING the Makeup Revolution eyeshadows, but I left my palettes at my boyfriends house so could not include them!), but these are products I have been using every day and I am obsessed with! What are your make up staples, and products you keep re-buying? Leave in the comments below!

Benefit's High Beam Highlighter - £21.50 (at Boots)

As you can see, I have the mini (not sure how much this is, as it was in a gift set), and it has been used A LOT. I will 100% be re purchasing this highlighter when I run out, and the full size this time! Although it is pricey, it is definitely worth it. This highlighter glows on your skin and in the light, is so vibrant! See my picture at the end of the blog post of how it looks on me :) Definitely recommend if you are after a new highlighter!

Maybelline's 'The Nudes' Palette - £9.99 (at Superdrug)

This palette has been my absolute favourite for Gold/Netraul tones. I love the shimmery gold's and all the shadows are pigmented and provide a variety of different looks. They also actually stay on my eyes all day! Love this! I also have the Rose Nudes Palette too.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - £24.50 (at Boots)

This bronzer is amazing. It is the perfect tone, not too dark/orange and compliments my skin tone beautifully (and most skin tones, i am sure). I put this on after I have finished contouring with my Revolution Cream Contour palette (also amazing!). This just provides such a lovely finish.

Superdrug's Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum - £3.99 (at Superdrug)

This product has been a LIFESAVER. My skin is very dry, especially in my T zone. I use this before applying my make up in the morning, and also after I have taken my make up off at night. I bought this a week ago, and have not stopped using it. It is so nice on my skin, it is also cruelty free which is amazing and is so so cheap!!

MUA'S Undress Your Skin Highlighter Powder in 'Pink Shimmer' - £3 (Superdrug)

I am sure everyone and their mothers know about this highlighter! I put this on with the high beam and it is soooooooo bright! I am glowing when I put this on! It's amazing and very pigmented without being too much, also, LOOK AT THE PRICE!!!

Makeup Revolution Brushes - OUT OF STOCK

Unfortunately, as these are a Limited Edition collection, I think they have stopped selling them now. However, I recommend any of the Makeup Revolution brushes as I have other sets and they are such good quality at very affordable prices! Their make up is my favourite at the moment too - look out for a review on them very soon! :)

Here is a recent picture of me, with the high beam highlight and hola bronzer, unfortunately the lighting isn't great, but in natural light, it was glowing and my skin was not dry which is always a bonus!!!

Thank you so much for reading, and please comment your favourite make up brands and products your recommend :)
Have a lovely week!


  1. I love maybelline's The nude paletter , I already have the rose nude one , but i got the nude one a week ago and so far i'm loving it ^^
    the hoola bronzer is my holly grail bronzer ^^

    1. Yes, it's such a lovely palette! Hola is my favourite too :) Thank you for reading!


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