Cheap Date Ideas And Outfits

Hello everyone! 

I hope you are all having a fab weekend. I have decided to do a post dedicated to having cheap and fun dates/days out. Me and my boyfriend try and go out once a week, whether its a walk on a Sunday afternoon, out for dinner or out to a bar with friends. Recently, we both have been trying to save money so have not been able to go out a lot. However, it doesn't always have to be expensive, and neither do your outfits! I am putting some outfits with them for inspiration for anyone not sure of what to wear for an upcoming date, or just to give people ideas :)

A day out to somewhere you have never been before.

This doesn't have to be far away, but maybe you could make a day of going to explore places in your town/near your town that you don't really visit. You'll be surprised what you might find! Me and Joe visited a town near us and it was so lovely just having lunch and a hot chocolate while also being near the beach. This obviously is a very cheap date idea, we even made our own lunch/snacks before leaving, to eat there! Such a good idea if you want to have a nice day out with your partner or even just a friend!!

 OUTFIT - Not available now, but can buy similar products. I basically wore a kimono with a polo neck vest top and long black skirt.

Using vouchers for a dinner date.

We do this all the time, as it's so nice to go out for dinner and not have to worry about spending a lot. Me and Joe are both signed up to all of our local restaurants email list, so we always get sent new voucher codes. Usually I will use the 25% of mains and other discounts, but the other day Joe got one for a free desert or free bottle of Prosecco, so we thought, why not?? It's so nice to get dressed up and have great food. I am vegan so sometimes it's hard to choose where to go, as Joe is not, but most restaurants menus are expanding so much now! This is my top tip to still enjoy lovely food but also at  a lovely price!!!

OUTFIT - MissGuided (Not Available but similar one I have - HERE)

Going to the bar with friends or just the two of you.

If I am honest, this isn't a regular thing as drinks are so expensive and my clubbing days are over now (ha, i'm only 22, but I feel like i'm 80!). What I always do is arrange to meet early (so you can get in for free), have a couple of drinks before and always look out for deals on food and drinks at your local bar. If you don't drink, you will already save a lot of money and you could drive to save paying for a taxi! Although, getting a taxi with friends always costs less too! The outfit I wore below for a night out was very cheap but doesn't look it :)

Bodysuit - Boohoo
Skort - MissSelfridge (Similar HERE)
Boots - Boohoo

A good old fashioned night in.

Last, but definitely not least, mine and my boyfriend's favourite - a night in. This doesn't have to be just sitting watching TV. You could always prepare a romantic meal for the two of you and cook for your partner. This is always nice to do and saves a lot of money, you're also in the comfort of your own home. Me and Joe sometimes buy a couple of drinks, cook dinner together and watch a film together! It's always such a lovely chilled 'date'. I'm not going to put an outfit with this because, let's be honest, i'm most likely wearing my PJ'S!!!!

Let me know if you do any of these and what your favourite date is! Thanks so much for reading.

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