Missguided Spring Picks

I love to window shop, but I always end up buying something! (As you’ll see with this post…). I thought I would show you all my favourite picks in Missguided’s ‘New In’ section at the moment! They have so many beautiful pieces, one so beautiful that I bought right there and then. I love Missguided and these pieces scream spring to me.

(Click the names of the items in the text below to be taken to the piece on Missguided)

The first piece I saw were the lovely flared trousers. I don’t own any fitted trousers but I would definitely purchase these, i think the frills at the bottom give some a lovely feminine touch, and they are also high waisted, which I love. Underneath the trousers is a pretty draw cord trench coat. I think this is perfect for those days in Spring when it’s not too hot but not warm enough to not wear something light over your outfit. It looks very cute too.

The frill sleeve oversized dress on the top left is my favourite, and something I actually purchased myself on the same day. I think it is so pretty and the frills on the sleeve just add something to it. I also love high necks, so I was obviously drawn to this! Down size if you get this though, as it is oversized. I have put a picture at the bottom of me wearing it! I wear a size 12. The other white number is a lovely white crochet lace flare playsuit. I love flares and frills, especially for Spring, also do I even have to mention floral?!

The paisley top just screams 'me,' I still tend to reach for darker clothes but I am trying to get better at this, I love the pattern and the fit on this blouse, perfect for this weather. The harness detail heels caught my eye as they have a very unique look to them which I like. I haven’t seen many styles like this and I also love the colour, these will dress up any outfit. 

Lastly, the accessories. The sunglasses are beautiful! I love rose gold and cat eye, so this is the perfect match, they just look very ‘on trend’ right now. The phone case - are you really a blogger if you don’t own anything marble?! Ok, that’s an exaggeration but I love marble and this phone case is just so cute, and very modern.

Let me know where your favourite shop is, and what you like to wear for spring in the comments. 
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  1. Love all of these!! Some great picks! I know where I'll be shopping next. Thanks for sharing! xo Robyn


    1. Thanks so much for reading! It really is a lovely shop! Happy shopping! :) xx


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