5 Easy Steps To Become Happier And More Successful

Take a step back and look at yourself. Are you a positive person? Are you achieving your goals? Do you feel happy where you are now? This may seem overwhelming but I am here to tell you how you can make sure you are saying YES to all of the above.

Don't get me wrong, I am not always happy, I have had major down moments in my life as have a lot of people. However, I have learnt a few things and I want to share them with you. Here are some steps you can take to help you achieve a happier, positive life and mindset.


Everyone talks about this, but honestly it's a game changer. If I didn't set goals for myself, I don't think I would have any motivation to achieve my dreams. It's always good to write down your goals so you can physically see them in front of you everyday. You and I both know that crossing of a goal you have accomplished is so pleasing. Whether you want to set goals for the whole year, or set small goals each day, do whatever is best for you. Having something to set your mind on and complete will not only make you happy that you are reaching your goals, but you will feel a lot more positive knowing you have dreams to work towards. Who knows where these goals will take you...


I have recently dowloaded a great app called Headspace, where you take 10 minutes of your day to meditate, and they talk you through it. Honestly, it really does help. Most of us have so much going on, so much to do and so many worries, taking just 10 minutes for yourself can really change your mindset. If you block everything out for those 10 minutes, you can really focus on yourself and your mind, it's so healthy for your body and soul (but i'm sure you already know that!).


Surrounding yourself around negative people, will make you feel negative, if they constantly try and bring you down, you will feel down, the list goes on. If you are spending your time with people who make you happy and are proud of your accomplishments, you will ultimately feel a lot more positive and are more likely to try and carry out your goals and fears. Happy company creates a happy environment.


When you are feeling down about yourself and that voice in your head is nagging at you, imagine that you are talking to your little sister, or best friend. You need to be your own best friend and treat yourself right. Everyone makes mistakes, and no one is perfect, so let yourself have a bad day. Make sure you compliment yourself and acknowledge your achievements and not your mistakes. I promise, this will help you forget your mistakes and not constantly worry.


This is so important. Everyone constantly worries about their future, or dwells on their past. You are living in the now and life is short, so make the most of it. Face your fears, take a challenge, achieve your goals, go and find what you are looking for and don't look back. Be present and focus on each day as it comes, you can't change the past and you can't determine the future but you can make the present a positive one.

Hope you all have a great week and be sure to look out for more fashion posts thanks to my new camera!! Thanks for reading as always.

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  1. It's only recently that I've realised how important it is for my mental health to surround myself with positive, understanding, supportive people. I still have a few people in my life who do tend to bring me down a little but I find it tough to just cut these people from my life completely as they definitely do bring me happiness sometimes as well!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. It's so true!! I know what you mean, sometimes you just can't do it but I now always try and stay surrounding by positive people and try not to let others bring me down! Thanks for reading!

  2. I think being present is so important but something that I've always found difficult to master.


    1. Yes, it really can be difficult! I do find meditation helpful, or just some time to yourself!

  3. I find meditation works so well. I know people often feel weird about it but if you do it on your own, in a nice peaceful surrounding once you're use to it its a great experience! I second that you should totally be around people that make you feel good, I say this one a lot, it changes things hugely! Your last point about being present really speaks to me, I always worry, I worry about whats going to happen in the future and dwell sometimes on the past, being present is so important! Whats the point of worry?


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