4 Apps You Need To Improve Your Life and Well-being

So, if you have read my previous post all about my new early morning routine then you should know that I have started making a lot of changes in my life recently, to help me with my wellness and self-improvement.

There are quite a lot of things I've started to change, and a few of these things have happened because of apps that I have got. There are so many great apps out there that can help you with lots of different things - yoga, meditation, budgeting, habits, journaling etc. The list goes on!

I wanted to share with you 4 apps I have been using every day for the past couple of weeks that have really helped me to enhance my life and my well-being! :)

Oh, and they are all free!

Insight Timer

This app is great if you are new to meditation, or even if you want to chill out to a guided meditation track. There are so many different tracks to choose from.

For instance, I listen to a track called 'Morning Ritual', which is a 10 minute guided meditation. This app is great for beginners, as guided meditations can be a good place to start if you haven't been meditating for very long.

They have meditations for the morning, to help you sleep, for beginners and lots more. Plus, there are over 1900 meditation teachers to listen to! It's all free, and it's great if you don't have much time in the morning and can only meditate for 5, 10 or 20 minutes!

My Water

It's safe to say I have never been good at staying hydrated and drinking lots of water. This is something I have always been told off about as I grew up.

I recently bought a 700ml water bottle, and I found that for the first few days I did really well, but then I just forgot about it, didn't really care and started going back to about 10 cups of tea a day instead.

I decided enough was enough and looked into apps that can help keep you drinking! My water is great - you can set notifications to your phone so it tells you when to drink, you can calculate how much water you need to drink in day on the app too and as you enter what you are drinking it fills the screen up like a glass and tells you what percentage you are at.

I think this is so effective because it's almost like a game! I never forget to drink my water now and I always try to beat the percentage I got the day before. A fun way to stay healthy! :)


You may have already heard of this app before, as a lot of people rave about it! Basically, at the start of my personal growth journey, I decided I wanted to start learning again, whether that was online courses or a new language! I ended up doing both.

Duolingo is an app to learn a new language, there are many languages to choose from and it's safe to say I have used this every day since getting it.

Duolingo makes learning a new language fun and like a game, you get rewards and badges, plus they send you email reminders if you forgot to do your level that day. Each level only lasts about 5-10 minutes, and you can also 'practice' on the app to gain health to do your next level!

I have learnt a lot from this app, and I can't recommend it enough. I am learning Italian and I love it! Joe has even gone and got the app too. If you want to learn a new language, Duolingo is the way to go.

Daily Budget

Saving money has been another thing that I have needed to work on. I've always been a little bit of an impulse buyer, and it was only until I went through all my clothes to donate some that I realised how bad I really was.

I had items that still had the tags on, that I didn't even like anymore!! But, instead of beating myself up about it, I decided to change the way I spend.

To help me with this, I got the app, Daily budget. This app calculates how much you can spend a day with the income you are getting. You put your income for the month in, then all the expenses you have (bills, phone, car etc), then you enter how much you would like to save that month (£100, £200, whatever you can afford!). 

It then works out how much you can spend a day, maximum, whilst still being able to save that amount. This app is great because it sends you a notification each day to put what you have spent, then it takes it off your balance.

It keeps me on track because I can see when I've been good with my money, and how it can all add up in the end :)

I just wanted to also give a quick mention to a website I have been using recently. This is because I also want to learn something new each week, and online courses have been great for that.

I use alison.com, which is a free site where you can choose from lots of online courses, and get certificates in the end! :) I really recommend it, if you want to keep your brain active and carry on learning every day.

What apps do you have? Will you be getting any of the ones I have mentioned today?



  1. I have actually never heard of most of these apps, and have added the water app and the meditation app! I used to go to yoga classes, and they always had a 10 minute meditation at the end. I would really like to get back to that, so I'm super excited to use this. Great post Jessica! xxx

    Melina | melinaelisa.com


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