About Me

My name is Jessica, I am 22 years old and I love to write. This blog was originally used for all things beauty and fashion, however as I've grown and so has my blog, things have changed. I love to help people and write about my own experiences in life as well as chatting about style and all things beauty.

This blog has a variety of posts, from helping you with Social Media, to talking about my favourite skin care product at the moment - you'll find it here! I love to blog and I love interacting with my readers and helping anyone I can. I've also started getting a bit better at photography (thank god!) and with the help of my lovely boyfriend Joe, I can now start posting proper looking shots, hurrah!

Anyway, after you've read a few of my posts, I hope you can see that I am honest and open with my blog and I aim to inspire others with their dreams and goals, while also throwing in some easy reads for when you I just want to talk about my fav jumper or perfume! Enjoy!

Please feel free to message me for anything - my email is: jessicaslife94@gmail.com.

You can also find me hanging out on Twitter and Instagram too -

Twitter - @JessicaGBlogs
Instagram - @Jessicagblogs